What is the Definition of Egress Windows

What is the definition of egress?

Egress is a place to going out or right to exit a property.

What is the definition of an egress window?

Egress Window is a safe exit from a property and it' mainly help in times of emergency like Fire etc!

What is the Definition of Egress?

Noun form: An exit or way out; plural egresses

Verb form: egressed, egressing; act of going out or leaving a place

Origin of egress – Classical Latin “egressus”

First known use 1538

Synonyms: alight, departure, discharge, egression, emergence, emigration, escape,

evacuation, evacuate, exit, exodus, opening, outlet, parting, passage out, withdrawal

What does Egress mean when used in a State or Township Building Code?

Typical Basement Egress Window and Well System
Deluxe REDI-EXIT® Egress Well

The word Egress is commonly used in state or township residential building codes in

conjunction with the requirements defined in the current International Residential

Code (IRC) for emergency exit from one

or two family residences. This code

defines the requirements for both

Egress Windows and Basement Egress

Window Wells.

The code requires that any finished

room or bedroom in a basement has a

second way out other than the steps to

the first floor.