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Nearly 20,000 Americans were killed or injured in property fires in 2014. Properly installed egress windows and egress window wells can significantly decrease statistics like these. At REDDCO Inc., we offer an extensive selection of egress windows and egress window wells to ensure safe, reliable escape routes in every home and business.

Egress Windows

Egress windows provide individuals with a safe exit in the case of a fire-related emergency. They are easy to operate for people of all ages, thanks to the simple release knob. Egress windows strictly adhere to International Residential Code (IRC) requirements to meet Federal and state building regulations. These windows have the following dimensions:

  • Minimum clear opening widths of 20 inches
  • Minimum clear opening heights of 24 inches
  • Minimum net clear openings of 5.7 sq. ft. (5.0 sq. ft. on ground floors)
  • Maximum sill heights of 44 inches with target heights of 42 inches above floor level

Egress windows are available in a variety of styles, and all of our products meet IRC requirements. Choose from the following options:

  • Economical Double-hung Egress Windows: Similar to standard residential windows, but typically larger to meet egress requirements
  • Single-hung In-swings: Use egress hinges to maximize opening sizes in small spaces
  • Casement In-swings: Smallest windows available to meet IRC requirements; ideal for compact locations
  • Casement Out-swings: More economical than in-swings with a variety of options; not always available with egress hinges

Egress Window Wells

A basement window is typically installed underground where the surrounding dirt and soil obstruct its usefulness. A window well provides a simple, effective solution that holds back the soil, while also allowing fresh air and sunlight to reach the basement. Egress window wells create enough space around the window for residents to safely exit through compliant basement windows in an emergency.

Per IRC requirements, window wells should measure at least 36 inches horizontally and vertically, with a minimum surface area of at least 9 square feet. Permanently mounted ladders are a must in wells deeper than 44 inches. Compliant ladders feature rungs that are at least 12 inches wide and no more than 18 inches apart, positioned 3 to 6 inches from the wall.

We offer a full line of egress window wells, including our REDI-EXIT economy series, made of sturdy corrugated steel, and our premium wells and covers, made with UV-treated PVC for durability. Other products include the following:

  • Compact Economy Series
  • Designer Series
  • Deluxe Compact Series
  • Garden Step

Custom Egress Windows and Well Covers

REDDCO Inc. is one of the only egress window suppliers in the nation to offer complete customization for windows, wells, and window well covers. We are also the only company to offer casement in-swing and compact single hung in-swing egress windows. We design deluxe custom-sized window wells up to 22-feet wide and over 9-feet deep, along with custom tempered-glass covers, creating beautiful, safe, and functional basement egress systems that meet your preferences, as well as local and international building codes.

Accessories for Egress Windows and Window Wells

From sturdy, IRC-compliant ladders to stylish, easy-to-use cover clips, REDDCO Inc. carries all of the accessories you need to complete your egress window system. Our ladders are made of galvanized steel with a choice of finishes, and custom sizes are available. The International Residential Code requires ladders in egress window wells deeper than 44 inches, and we recommend ladders in wells over 36 inches in households with children.

Egress Code Requirements for the State of Virginia

The Virginia Residential Code follows all International Residential Code requirements regarding emergency exits and egress windows. Finished basements and basement bedrooms must have two accessible exit routes: stairs to the first floor and doors or windows that open to the outside, large enough to accommodate a fully outfitted firefighter. We take pride in offering Virginia residents, builders, and property owners the best selection of IRC-compliant egress windows, wells, and covers.

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Thousands of fire-related deaths and injuries could be prevented each year if every bedroom and living space offered a second way out. REDDCO Inc. offers egress window wells and products in various sizes and price points so it’s easy to protect your family and fulfill building code requirements. Whether you’re building a new home or updating the safety features of an existing residence, we’re ready to help.

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