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As I just arrived home, I noticed a large box…YES…my window…in perfect condition, Thanks for everything and patients with me…it was delivered as you had said within 3 weeks…PERFECT…

So, thank you all…I appreciate you and your company…you are AAA in my book.

Respectfully and Happy,



Installed my window cover.  Looks great!!  You and your guys did a great job.  Thanks!!

Chandra P.

I just wanted to thank you for your quick response and your fantastic customer service. Ordering was simple and you were informed and helpful. We look forward to getting our product and will speak positively of our order experience with your company. Enjoy your day!

Jeff White

I installed the Compact Series In-Swing Egress window last night. Works great. Really cool design. The building authority here in Center Valley was impressed – they’d never even heard of such a thing.

Significantly for me, since I was able to get a code-compliance egress window into the width of an existing window and only had to remove concrete below that existing window, I didn’t have to reinforce the foundation, get an engineer’s stamp, consume more time, etc., etc. So there was significant time and money savings with this solution.

Joshua Nimerfroh

Just wanted to send you a note and let you know that I got the covers and installed them. They look and work great. Thank you for your time. My kids can now play in the back yard without my wife and I worrying about them falling into the egress.


Michael Zimring, MD

Window arrived, put it in and it is great. Thank you for taking care of this matter. You may use my name as a reference anytime. A mistake was made, NOT ON YOUR END, and you had it corrected.

Thank you.

Brian Pickar

I finally got around to installing the window well covers this weekend. They look great and only took about 2 hours to install both of them. Typical story; the first one took an hour and a half, the second one took half an hour. I feel a lot better about letting my kids run around in the back yard. I’ve included a few pictures of the finished product and one of my “helper.”

Thanks again.

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