Window Well Covers – Custom Made

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Custom made clear structural Well Covers can be made in any size and shape to fit Steel, Concrete, Brick, Wood, Block or Stone Window Wells.

REDDCO?S REDI-EXIT® Custom Made Well Covers are constructed of Clear Lexan® polycarbonate plastic with a milled finished aluminum frame, allowing the maximum amount of light to enter your Egress Well.

These beautiful structural custom sized covers are a great way to cover your new fabricated Window Well or to replace a worn out Window Well Cover.

It takes REDDCO Incorporated about 4-weeks to manufacture a custom sized cover once we receive all the information needed.

NOTE: Custom Covers are not returnable, it is the responsibility of the homeowner, landlord, architect, contractor, or builder who orders the cover to assure the dimensions and all specifications are correct. We may ask for pictures and, or a paper template prior to starting cover fabrication.

REDI-EXIT® Custom made clear Well Covers are available in widths as small as 36″ and as large as 100″. We can manufacture covers with a projection as small as 24″ and as large as 54″ to fit any shape Well.

These structural Egress Well Covers can hold 400 pounds, allowing someone to accidentally stand on the cover without falling in or to a handle a heavy snow load.

These Custom Well Covers are available in flat, sloped, domed, or Atrium styles in either hinged or clip-on configurations.

Our optional REDI-EXIT® Custom made Hinged Well Covers can be designed to fasten to the foundation wall or top surface of the Well and hinge open like a child?s toy box reducing the effort to lift the cover during an emergency. They come with two props so the Cover can be propped open during nice weather. They can also be fabricated with an optional sloped top so snow melt and rain will run off.

For In-swing Windows that stick above the top of Well we can supply flat or sloped clip-on cover with an optional Clear Lexan® polycarbonate plastic Back Panel that seals the part of the Window that sticks above the Well.

For Out-swing Windows that stick above the top of Well we can supply an Domed or Atrium Style clip-on cover that will allow part of the Window that sticks above the Well to open.

We are expert at designing covers to fit any configuration you may need.

NOTE: Snow must be removed from the top of the cover after each snow storm to assure the cover doesn’t get too heavy to lift in an emergency.

Call REDDCO Incorporated toll free at (866) 996-1989 for Price and Delivery.

Custom Sloped Hinged Well Cover
Closed Position ? Brick Well

Custom Sloped Hinged Well Cover
Propped & Hinged Open

Custom Clip-on Flat Cover
Clear Back Panel

Custom Dome Cover

Custom Dome Cover on Cement Well

Custom Dome Cover on Brick Well

Custom Atrium Lift Off Egress Well Cover

Custom Round Atrium Hinged Cover

Custom Round Atrium Hinged Cover
Closed with Prop

Large Low Profile Sloped Custom Patio Cover

Large Low Profile Sloped Custom Patio Cover
Sitting in the Shop

Large Hinged Rectangular Cover with Prop



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