Standard Size Bubble Well Covers

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These high quality Standard Non-Egress Size Bubble Window Well Covers are constructed of clear heavy duty polycarbonate plastic, allowing the maximum amount of light to enter your Basement Window Well.

These high quality standard well covers are designed to sit around the outside of a curved Galvanized Steel Basement Window Well and look beautiful for years. They are inventoried in a number of widths, projections and heights to meet many size requirements.

These beautiful heavy duty American made covers are a great way to keep snow, rain, leaves, animals and children out of your basement window wells.

Our Non-Egress Size Standard Bubble Well Covers are formed from a high quality 1/8″ thick clear polycarbonate plastic that has been formulated with UV resistant polymers to keep them from yellowing caused by the sun and cracking caused by hot and cold weather for years. Polycarbonate is the same plastic, football helmets, and bullet proof glass are made from.

These Standard Bubble Covers will withstand a heavy snow load without collapsing and can handle an impact of up to 150 pounds without cracking, the less expensive light weight covers offered by the big box stores are made from either thin Plexiglas or Acrylic plastic. Unlike theirs, our high quality Bubble Window Well Covers have a 7-year limited warranty and have been known to last for 20 years.

Standard Bubble Covers are attached to the foundation wall with quick release Stainless Steel Spring Clips that are supplied with each cover.

Our Non-Egress Size Bubble Covers are stocked in the following sizes:

Inventoried Standard Bubble Covers can be delivered in about 5-7 days

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