Egress Windows – Acrylic Block

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REDI-EXIT® Acrylic Block In-swing Egress Windows meets the IRC Code requirement of 5.7 square feet of clear area.

These Made In the USA vinyl windows are typically used when obscuring the view through the Egress Window is a desire.

Acrylic Block In-swing Egress Windows are designed to work with all of REDDCO’S Egress Wells.


Acrylic Block In-swing Egress Window – Open

Acrylic Block In-swing Egress Window – Open



Details and Specs

These windows operate by opening the two locking handles, swinging the sash into the room like a door for easy escape, remove the screen and out you go.

REDI-EXIT® 6” square Acrylic Block In-swing Egress Windows are stocked in one size 29 1/4” wide x 47 1/4” high x 8” jamb depth. Net clear dimensions for egress for the stock size are 22 3/8” wide x 43 1/8” high or 6.7 sq ft. of clear area. Custom sizes are available to meet any size requirement.

REDDCO’S egress windows are build with special egress style hinges, that hinge the window open at the inside edge of the window frame to maximize the opening and come with a full Scree

Installation Guidelines

This Installation Guideline is intended to give the installer a general installation and guidelines on how to correctly install a Basement Egress Window, a Basement Egress Window Well and Window Well Cover. This Installation Guideline is not intended to replace the Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions, but to supplement and expand on them. An Installer must follow the Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions when ever they vary from these Guidelines to keep the Manufacturers Warranty Enforce.


  1. It is the responsibility of the owner, architect, contractor and or builder to select products that comply with applicable, state and local building codes that is appropriate for the application and use. A building permit may be needed.
  2. REDDCO Inc is not responsible for claims resulting from the failure of the contractor or homeowner to properly install or maintain the Egress Window, Window Well, and Cover.
  3. Call your local diggers hotline before beginning excavation to avoid accidental contact with underground utility lines
  4. Gutters, Down Spouts, Faucets on exterior walls, Sprinkler Heads and Sump Pump Outlets must be at least 6 to 10 feet away from the window well. All water must be directed away from the well to assure proper drainage.
  5. Grading around the house must be sloped away from the Window Well at a slope of 1″per foot for proper drainage.

View and Print Complete Installation Guidelines  (PDF)

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29 1/4" x 47" 1/4" x 8"


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