Designer Snap-On Outside Back Cap

$ 295.00

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An optional fiberglass Designer Snap-on Outside Back Cap having the same Sandstone color brick stone design as our Designer Egress Wells is now available. The Snap-on Outside Back Cap is designed to cover the plain outside top 12” of our Designer Egress Wells when the wells are installed sticking above grade.

These Snap-on Back Caps give you a beautiful appearance when viewed from the outside of your Designer Series Egress Well at a fraction of the cost of a real stone egress well.


Details & Specs

Designer Snap-on Outside Back Caps are constructed of multi-layered fiberglass in a sandstone colored brick stone finish.

Designer Snap-on Outside Back Caps are available in two sizes to fit the 54” and 66” wide Designer Egress Wells with a 12height.

These one- piece Back Caps require no on site assembly, just snap on and use Tapcon ® fasteners on each side to hold in place.

These Back Caps are designed to work with both the Designer Steel Grate Cover, and the Designer Hinged Cover to complete your beautiful basement egress installation.