Designer Egress Wells and Covers

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60” high, Designer Egress Well & Cover
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Designer Egress Wells are constructed of multi-layered fiberglass in a sandstone colored brick stone finish.

These Egress Well give you a beautiful appearance when viewed from the inside of your room at a fraction of the cost of a real stone egress well.


Details & Specs

Designer Egress Wells are available in 54” and 66” widths, have a 38” projection off the foundation wall and come in 60”, 72” and 84” heights. A 12” Snap-on extension is used to make the well 84” high.

Designer Egress Wells have a molded in ladder for easy escape and a mounting flange on both sides to anchor and seal them to the foundation wall.

We also have an optional fiberglass Snap-on Outside Back Cap having the same brick stone design to cover the plain outside top 12” of these egress wells when the wells are installed sticking above grade.

These one- piece wells require no on site assembly, and the rigid fiberglass construction means no wood bracing during back fill making them one of the easiest egress wells to install.

You have a choice of a Designer Steel Grate Cover, or a Designer Hinged Cover to complete your beautiful basement egress installation.

Designer Egress Wells are designed to work with all our Egress Windows.

View Installation Instructions Here


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