Deluxe Custom Awning and Hopper Basement Windows

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REDI-EXIT® Deluxe Non-egress Sized Custom In-swing Awning and Hopper Basement Windows are designed for either new construction or replacement of existing basement windows. They can be

manufactured in any width or height required to meet your needs.

These “Made In the USA” non-egress sized, high quality energy star rated vinyl basement windows are supplied with a full fiberglass screen that is removable from the inside.

Finish your basement window installation with our Deluxe Basement Window Wells.

Details & Specs

An Awning Window is hinged at the top and a hopper window is hinged from the bottom.

These non-egress sized, high quality white vinyl double pane Custom In-swing Awning and Hopper Basement Windows are available in either 8, 10 or 12 inch jam depths in full or nominal wall thicknesses. Custom Awning and Hopper Basement Windows can be ordered in 1?4” increments to fit any width and height requirement.

REDI-EXIT® Deluxe Custom In-swing Awning and Hopper Basement Windows, are energy star rated and are built with 3/4” double pane clear low-e glass and are double weather-stripped for additional energy efficiency. They have one or two window locks depending on size and are supplied with a hinge limiter.

Both the sashes and frame have weep holes for superior water drainage to the outside.

These basement windows are shipped plastic wrapped and have easily removed wood bracing for new construction pour in place applications. The header, jamb and sill parts snap-in and are reversible if poured incorrectly.

The all vinyl frame is maintenance free, it will not rust and requires no painting. 

These windows are designed to work with our REDI-EXIT® Deluxe Basement Window Wells.


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