Deluxe Custom Sized Grate Well Covers

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The REDI-EXIT® Custom Grate Egress and Non-Egress Well Covers are constructed of mill finished Aluminum.

Our technicians can design and manufacture a Custom Sized Grate Style Cover to fit any size or shape Grate requirement you may have.

Details & Specs

These heavy duty structural Grate Covers can be designed to hold up to 400 pounds or more if required, allowing someone to stand or walk on the cover without falling in, they weight about 1 1?2 pounds per square foot.

The REDI-EXIT® Custom Sized Aluminum Grate Style Covers can be designed to either lift-off, hinge open or be permanently attached.

These mill-finished Aluminum Grates can be supplied with an optional Black or White painted finish.

It takes REDDCO Incorporated about 4-weeks to manufacture a custom sized cover once we receive all the information needed. All Custom Grates have a 5-year limited warranty.

NOTE: Custom Grates are not returnable, it is the responsibility of the homeowner, landlord, architect, contractor, or builder who orders the grate to approve the drawing we supply prior to the start of fabrication. Pictures of the well are required prior to our starting the drawing.

Call REDDCO Incorporated toll-free at (866) 996-1989 for Price and Delivery.

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