Bolt-on & Hanging Egress Well Ladders

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The current IRC Code requires all custom fabricated Concrete, Brick, Stone, Block or Pressure Treated Wood, Egress Wells that are deeper than 44” high to have a ladder or steps to allow for easy exit during an emergency.

A Ladder should also be considered for wells less than 44” deep if small children might need to use the Egress Well in an emergency as even a 36” high Egress Well might prove to be a barrier that young children can’t get out of.

REDDCO Inc. offers a line of Bolt-on, and Hanging Egress Well Ladders that are made in America that meet the current IRC Code requirement for use on custom, Concrete, Brick, Stone, Block, or Pressure Treated Wood, Egress Wells. Hanging Bolt-on Ladders are designed to fit Egress Wells that having walls that are 8” thick.


Bolt-on and Hanging Egress Well Ladders are made from Galvanized Steel and are available in either the standard gray galvanized finish or an optional, White or Black painted finish. Each ladder rung is 12” from rung to rung, 16” wide, and projects 4” into the well meeting all current IRC Code requirements.

These Egress Well Ladders are available in six sizes;

3-rung to fit 48” deep or less fabricated Egress Wells

  • 4-rung to fit 49”- 62” deep fabricated Egress Wells
  • 5-rung to fit 63”- 72” deep fabricated Egress Wells
  • 6-rung to fit 73”- 84” deep fabricated Egress Wells
  • 7-rung to fit 85”- 96” deep fabricated Egress Wells
  • 8-rung to fit 97”- 108” deep fabricated Egress Wells

Ladders for wells deeper than 108” can be handled by putting two of these ladders together to get the required length.

Bolt-on Egress Well Ladders are designed to hold up-to 300 pounds when attached with the supplied fasteners.


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