Bilco ScapeWel® Garden Step Egress Wells and Covers

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48” high, Bilco ScapeWel® Egress Well Kits
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The Bilco ScapeWEL® Garden Step Egress Well is constructed of Gray UV-Stabilized polyethylene plastic.

The Bilco ScapeWEL® Garden Step Egress Well is designed to work with all our Egress Windows.

An optional Clear Polycarbonate Cover, is available to complete your basement egress installation.


Details & Specs

The four or five piece Bilco ScapeWEL® Garden Step Egress Well is available in three widths 42”, 54”, and 66”, has either a 41” or 49” projection off the foundation wall and comes in three heights 48”, 60”, or 81” high.

The Bilco ScapeWEL Garden Step Egress Well has two tiered steps in the 48” high well and three tiered steps in the 60” and 81” high wells for easy escape. This snap together well has a mounting flange on both sides of the well to allow for secure attachment to the foundation wall.

Bilco ScapeWEL Egress Wells must be crossed braced as well as braced in both the horizontal and vertical directions prior to backfilling the Egress Well. These braces are removed after backfilling. They need to be backfilled with Stone.

Garden Step Wells can be plant on each of the tiered steps, but when planted will require continual maintenance to keep the plantings looking good. If you have a green thumb this is the well for you.

Bilco ScapeWEL Wells are designed to work with our:


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