Basement Doors – Bilco Stair Stringers

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BILCO® Stair Stringers are available in a variety of sizes and are used to replace worn or broken wooden basement door steps.

BILCO® Stair Stringers provides a safe and code compliant way to exit your basement areaway.

BILCO® Stair Stringers are constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel and are available to fit all BILCO® Basement Doors.

They are available in 5, 7, 8 and 9 step sizes and are supplied in pairs. BILCO® Stair Stringers have a 8 ¼” rise, and a 8 3/8” run. They are designed to accept a 2 x 10 wood tread.

The design of these Stair Stringers allows the wood tread to be easily removed so bulky items can be moved into the basement for storage.

BILCO® steel Stair Stringers are an economical and more durable alternative to wood stair stringers as well as being easier and faster to install.

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