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Non-Egress Basement Windows and Wells

Our Selection of NON-Egress Windows, Wells, and Accessories

While it’s extremely important to follow the strict IRC requirements, not every window in your basement has to be an egress window.

The IRC Code states that an egress window or door is required in every living space in a basement. This law was put in place so that you and your loved ones don’t become trapped in a fire. However, if your basement windows aren’t habitable living spaces, meaning a person isn’t sleeping a room of the basement, then you don’t need to follow egress code requirements.

For all of your non-egress basement window needs, Redi-Exit is here to help!

A few of our most in-demand non-egress products include:

Deluxe Custom Sized Wells (Non-Egress Size)

Deluxe Custom Sliding WindowsThese non-egress sized modular Basement Wells are designed for use with new or replacement Awning Window, Hopper Window or sliding Basement Window installations.

Our REDI-EXIT® Deluxe Basement Window Wells are constructed with high-quality materials, which include 100% UV treated, white PVC that operates across a wide array of temperatures.

Also, our Deluxe Basement Window Wells are available in a wide range of sizes to meet all of your non-egress, basement window needs.

Our sizes are available in:

One 36″ inside width, and one 14″ inside projection off the foundation and six heights, which include: 6?, 8?, 14?, 22?, 30?, 38?

Our basement window well arrangement has an outside width of 40? and an outside projection of 16?.

Custom widths and projections are available so give us a call for a quote.

To learn more about the deluxe custom sized wells (non-egress size) please click here.

Deluxe Custom Sliding Windows

Deluxe Custom Sliding WindowsOne of our most common types of non-egress basement window is the deluxe custom sliding window. Our “Made in the USA” sliding basement window is high-quality vinyl, come with a half screen, which is removable, and works for non-egress sizes!

These non-egress sized sliding basement windows are double pane, are built with 5/8” clear Low-E glass and are also double weather-stripped for efficiency.

We ship the deluxe custom sliding windows with plastic wrap for protection and we’ve even included wood bracing for new construction pour in place applications.

These non-egress sized windows are available in 8,10, or 12-inch jam depths and are designed to fit any width and height requirement!

The vinyl frame is maintenance free, requires no painting and will never rust. These windows are also created to work with our REDI-EXIT® Deluxe Custom Basement Window Wells.

To learn more about the deluxe custom sliding windows please click here.

Deluxe Custom Awning and Hopper Basement Windows

We’ve designed Deluxe Custom Awning & Hopper Basement Windows to work with both new construction and replacement basement windows. Just like other non-egress windows the custom awning and hopper windows can be manufactured to meet any width or height required.

The difference between an awning basement window and a hopper window is that the hopper window is hinged from the bottom and the Awning windows are hinged at the top.

The non-egress windows are white, double pane and have jam depths of either 8,10 or 12 inches. You can place any order within a ¼ inch increment to fit any height or width requirement. Just like out sliding basement windows, the frame is maintenance free meaning you won’t need to paint the frame or worry about rust.

To learn more about the deluxe custom awning and hopper basement window please click here.

Some Of Our Other Services Include:

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