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What is an Egress Window?

An egress window is a window that is large enough by code, and designed for people to escape easily in case of emergencies such as house fires.

How much does an egress window cost?

An egress window from redi-exit starts at $695.00.

What qualifies as an egress window?

In order to fulfill the International Residential Code (IRC) there must be a minimum width of 20”, there must be a minimum height of 24” opening, and an overall net clear opening of 5.7 sq ft.

Egress Window – Various Shapes and Custom Sizes

You’ll want an egress window from REDI-EXIT®  because as the old saying goes “always leave yourself an out” is particularly true when it comes to a house fire. Imagine your loved ones are trapped in the basement and smoke and flames block the only exit. You’ll want windows that allow your loved ones to easily escape

Thankfully strict requirements are put in place to ensure that everyone has an easy escape. In addition that requirement is put in place so that rescue specialists have an easy entry. These regulations are fairly new so you’ll want to make sure that if you add a bedroom to your home or basement, you’ll have to comply with strict IRC code requirements.

REDDCO Inc. can supply a complete selection of egress windows. Also we offer egress wells, and egress well covers. We offer a very large inventory. As a result this allows us to quickly meet any project requirements you may have.

We have egress windows as narrow as 27 inches wide. Custom sized solutions can be built for widths up to 60″ and heights up to 76″ and these vinyl windows are guaranteed for 10 years.

Our Compact Series are the smallest windows available in the marketplace today. We are also sure to meet all the current International Residential Building Code (IRC) requirements. Custom sized windows can be built in ¼” increments with or without Grids. These windows are available in five styles:

  • Casement In-Swing Egress Windows
  • Compact Single Hung In-Swing Egress Windows
  • Acrylic Block Egress Windows
  • Casement Outswing Windows
  • Sliding Basement Egress

Casement In-Swing Egress Window

egress window in swing openCasement in-swings are some of the narrowest window that you can purchase. These windows meet the current IRC Code. All of our Casement In-swing windows are always “Made in the USA” and come shipped with a full screen. They are built with Low-e Glass and are Argon Gas Filled. These particular windows are a perfect match for new construction or replacement projects.

The Casement in-swing will arrive packaged for pour in place applications if need be and another reason to choose Redi-Exit is our great warranty policy. Our casement in-swings offer a 10-year warranty on the glass and a lifetime warranty on the vinyl.

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Compact Single Hung In-Swing Window

compact single hung egress windowLike our other basement windows, the REDI-EXIT® Compact Series Single Hung In-swing Windows are built to meet current IRC Code requirements. The current IRC requirement is 5.7 square feet of area along with 20” minimum width and 24” minimum height.

These particular windows are double pane vinyl and in most situations, these windows are used when space is very limited. They are built with Low-E Glass and are Argon Gas Filled.

Just like the Casement In-Swing, these windows are made in the USA and are a perfect match for any new construction or replacement project. We ship out the compact single hung in-swing windows with a half screen, for the lower sash.

Keep in mind the Compact Series Windows are designed to work with all of REDDCO Inc. Egress Wells.

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Acrylic Block In-Swing Window

Acrylic Block Egress WindowThe Acrylic Block egress windows are designed to operate with two locking handles. Once the handles are released the sash opens into the room. This process makes a very easy escape. Just remove the screen and you’re out to safety.

Just like all of our windows, the Acrylic Block egress windows by Redi-Exit is made in the USA. This vinyl window is typically used when you have a desire to obscure the view through the egress window. This window is also designed to work with all of our egress wells.

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Casement Out-swing Egress Window

Casement Out-swing Egress WindowsWhen it comes to basement windows, space is always an issue. This is why REDI-EXIT® Casement Style Out-swing Egress Windows are the smallest out-swing egress available. However, all of our windows still meet the IRC code, which is 5.7 square feet of clear area.

This particular window operates by turning a crank to open the sash into the egress well. It opens similarly to a door, which makes for a very easy escape. All you have to do is to remove the screen and you’re out of there.

Our Casement Out Swing Egress Windows are energy star rated, come with Low-E and argon gas. Our casement windows provide excellent protection from outside temperatures. Also, as always, this window will always be made in the USA.

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Sliding Basement Egress Window

Sliding Basement Egress WindowsSlide the window open, pop out the screen and you’re safe. This simplistic window is also designed to meet IRC Code requirements. This particular window is made in the USA and is a great idea for a new construction or replacement basement window project. In fact, our sliding basement windows come shipped in plastic wrap for safety and offer easily removed wood bracing for new construction pour in projects.

This window is shipped with a screen for the right side that opens up, which is easy to remove for an exit.

Many of our windows are very compact. We know that you want compact sizes, which are great to use when space is limited! REDDCO Inc offers a large variety of sliding egress windows in widths starting at 48 ½” wide. These double pane windows are available in clear glass or Energy Star rated.

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If you are looking for an installation guideline please give us a call or choose the link below to your intended window of purchase and you’ll find the downloadable installation guideline.

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