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How much do egress window well covers cost?

An egress window well cover from redi-exit starts at $314.00

Do I need an egress window well cover?

If you have an egress window well and you’re looking to keep the well protected from bugs animals and elements it is recommended to purchase an egress window well cover.

Our Selection Of Custom Window Wells & Covers

When it comes to covering your window well or looking for a window well that needs a custom design, Redi-Exit has all the products you’ll need.

Our custom products are designed to solve your most difficult basement egress problems while still following the strict IRC Codes and regulations.

Our egress window well experts will work closely with you to develop a beautiful basement egress system. Regardless of the size or the situation, we have a product to serve your egress needs.
All of our products are made in the USA, ships fast and only made with high quality, heavy-duty materials. Interested in learning more?

Our custom wells and covers include:

Standard Size Rectangular Well Cover

Standard Size Rectangular Well CoverThe REDI-EXIT® Standard Size clear LEXAN® Basement Egress Well Cover is created to fit in a specific size egress window well of 42” wide ID 36” projection ID x 8” thick custom built rectangular, Concrete; Brick; Wood; Block; or Stone.

This cover is designed to withstand the elements and the test of time because it’s constructed with 1/8” thick, clear, heavy duty Lexan® polycarbonate plastic. In addition, this window well cover is also manufactured with milled finish aluminum supports. This allows your egress window well to admit the maximum amount of light.

This rectangular sloped standard well is a great way to replace a worn out egress well cover or to cover your new fabricated egress window well.

Our REDI-EXIT® Structural Egress Well Cover is meant to withstand up to 400 pounds. This cover is designed to withstand heavy amounts of snow. You can also accidentally stand on the cover without falling into the well.

To learn more about the Standard Size Rectangular Well Covers click here.

Deluxe Custom Egress Window Wells

Deluxe Custom Egress Window WellsOur Deluxe Custom Sized Egress Wells are specifically designed to solve BIG problems with it comes to basement egress window wells. This particular modular system is created to comply with IRC Code regulations for egress wells that are 22’ feet wide and 110 inches deep. If you’re looking for some of the biggest egress window wells on the market, this large egress window well is for you.

To cover a well this size you will need a matching Deluxe Custom Sized Cover, which can be custom designed to compliment your basement egress installation. Give one of our window well experts a call today. We’re ready to answer all of your egress window well questions.

Our Deluxe Custom Sized Egress Wells are made in the USA and are constructed with heavy-duty materials to stand the test of time and harsh weather elements, regardless of your location.

To learn more about the Deluxe Custom Sized Egress Wells click here.

Custom Lexan Well Covers

Custom Lexan Well CoversThese versatile window well covers can be designed and manufactured to fit any shape or size. Also, these covers can fit numerous materials such as steel, concrete, brick, wood, block or stone. In addition, these Custom Lexan Well Covers can be created to fit egress and NON-egress sizes.

Redi-Exit offers four different styles:

  • Flat & Sloped Well Covers
  • Atrium Well Covers
  • Atrium Dome Well Covers
  • Specialty Well Covers

We can manufacture REDI-EXIT® Custom made clear LEXAN® Well Covers in widths as small as 12” and as large as 144”. We can also handle projection sizes as small as 9” and as large as 65”. This custom window well can handle any size egress project.

To learn about the specs and specifics of each style please give us a call. One of our egress window experts is ready to take your call.

Also, you can read more about these products by clicking here.

Custom Sized Deluxe Tempered Glass Window Well Covers

Custom Sized Deluxe Tempered Glass Window Well CoversThe REDI-EXIT® Custom Sized Deluxe Tempered Glass Well Covers are made out of heavy-duty, clear tempered glass with a tough heavy gauge white PVC frame. This particular window well cover is designed to allow the most sunlight possible to enter your window well.

We created the REDI-EXIT® Custom Sized Deluxe Tempered Glass Well Cover to work specifically with the REDI-EXIT® Custom Deluxe Sized Egress Well or other Rectangular Custom Fabricated Well.

This heavy-duty hinged egress well cover can hold 400 pounds. A few men can literally stand on the cover without falling in. If you live in a place where heavy snow is a common occurrence, this may be the cover for you.

It takes up to 4 weeks to manufacture a custom cover once we have received all of the information so please call now.

Give one of our window well experts a call now or you can also check out more detailed specifications by clicking here.

Deluxe Custom Sized Grate Well Covers

The REDI-EXIT® Custom Deluxe Grate Well Covers are meant to withstand some of the heaviest loads of any egress window well cover.

We can create a custom sized grate cover to fit any size or shape requirement you have. Also, these tough covers can be designed to hold up to 400 pounds or more!

These window well covers can be created to lift off of the egress window well can open by a hinge, or we can create the cover to be permanently attached.

The REDI-EXIT® Custom Deluxe Grate Well Covers come in different colors, which include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Dark Brown

Also, you can read more about these products by clicking here.

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