Commercial Doors

REDDCO’S REDI-EXIT® Commercial Interior and Exterior Doors make installing a new or replacing an existing Single or Double (Pair), Door or Door and Frame very easy. We can supply just a Single or Double (Pair) Door, a Door and Frame, or just the Frame with or without hardware. We can also kit your order with all the hardware needed to install a new or replace an existing Single or Double (Pair), Door and Door Frame. Our Commercial Interior and Exterior doors are available in steel, wood and fiberglass materials with fire and nonfire ratings. REDI-EXIT® Commercial Interior and Exterior, Doors and Frames, have a limited lifetime warranty, while our door hardware has a 2 year limited warranty. Each REDI-EXIT® Single or Double (Pair) Door Kit can be supplied with commercial grade, fire rated and nonfire rated Doors, Frames, and the Hardware of your choice, such as Hinges, Keyed Lever Handle Lock Set or a Keyed Panic Bar Exit Device, a Door Closer, a Threshold, a Door Sweep, and Door Seals, etc. REDDCO Inc also specializes in working with Architects, Contractors, and end users to design and fabricate a wide variety of Custom Steel and Wood Doors, Frames, Steel Framed Glass Transoms and Sidelites as well as Steel Framed Glass Window Walls, for new or replacement, Commercial, Educational, Medical, Military, Office or Industrial applications. These services include help with design, custom fabrication and delivery directly to your job site. Our experienced door experts can help with your design, and our skilled craftmen can fabricate any type of custom openings to meet your fire rated and nonfire rated requirements. Our experts understand the fire codes and can guide your design to assure it passes all fire code requirements. REDDCO Inc provides installation friendly, and cost effective means of reducing onsite labor and costs by streamlining the purchasing of custom designed and built openings. Call REDDCO Inc today to see what we can do for you. NOTE: It is the responsibility of the owner, architect, contractor and or Builder to select products that comply with applicable, state and Local building codes that are appropriate for the application and Use. A building permit may be needed. Call 1-866-996-1989 for Price & Delivery Note: See below for info and links to all our Commercial Doors!

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