Egress Windows and Egress Window Wells for New Jersey Homes & Businesses

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At REDDCO Inc., we are dedicated to keeping all individuals safe in case of fire. We supply high-quality egress windows, egress window wells, custom products, and accessories to make sure that your home or business has at least two exit points in case of a fire. Our products keep your home or business up to state and international codes while staying aesthetically pleasing.

Egress Windows

Egress windows are emergency exit windows that meet specific dimensions set by the International Residential Code (IRC). The minimum size of their clear opening is 20 inches wide by 24 inches high. The minimum net clear opening size is 5.7 square feet, or 5 square feet for ground floor windows. Egress window sills can be a maximum of 44 inches above the floor; however, their target height is 42 inches above the floor.

All REDDCO Inc. products follow IRC codes, including our great selection of egress windows:

  • Standard Double Hung Window: An all-purpose option, available with limited or no warranty
  • Casement Outswing Window: An easy-to-use option perfect for wider windows and wells
  • Standard 48” Sliding Basement Window: A well-built option for 3 1/4″ jamb depth, available with limited or no warranty
  • Egress 48” Sliding Basement Window: Meets Energy Star requirements with a 10-year warranty
  • Single Hung In-swing Window: Dual function window with 20-year warranty, perfect for compact spaces
  • Casement In-swing Window: Smallest window available to meet IRC requirements, and available with a 20-year warranty


Egress Window Wells

Egress Window Wells hold back the soil around a basement window, allowing natural light and ventilation, as well as escape in case of a fire. REDDCO, Inc. window wells meet IRC dimension requirements. The horizontal projection is a minimum of 36 inches, the vertical width is a minimum of 36 inches, and the minimum surface area is 9 square feet. Egress window wells deeper than 44 inches are required to have a permanently mounted escape ladder encroaching into the well no more than 6 inches. We offer these ladders, as well, and they also meet the IRC dimension requirements. The distance between ladder rungs is no more than 18 inches, the rungs are at least 12 inches wide, and the rungs project between 3 and 6 inches from the wall.

Some of our popular egress window well products include the following:

  • Economy Series
  • Compact Economy Series
  • Designer Series
  • Deluxe Compact Series
  • Garden Step

Custom Egress Windows and Well Covers

In addition to our standard products, REDDCO Inc. also offers custom products, designed with state requirements and client specifications in mind. Egress Window – Compact Single Hung In-swing and Egress Window – Casement In-Swing are both custom products, unique to our business, and only available through REDDCO Inc.

Accessories for Egress Windows and Window Wells

Some of our most popular accessories are Bolt-on & Hanging Egress Well Ladders and the Egress Window Well Cover Clip Kit. The well ladders are available in custom sizes and can hold up to 300 pounds. The cover clip kits are designed to secure well covers in place to prevent snow or leaves from accumulating in the well and to avoid injuries that may occur if someone falls into an uncovered well.

Egress Code Requirements for the State of New Jersey

The current IRC requires all finished basements and basement bedrooms to have two ways out: the normal basement steps and an emergency-egress window or door to the outside. These exits allow occupants to escape in case of emergency and also allow fully-outfitted firefighters to enter the dwelling. New Jersey buildings must meet the requirements of the IRC NJ edition of the New Jersey State Housing Code 5:28 -1.1.

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Egress windows and egress window wells keep buildings safe and up to code. To ensure that your home or business meets New Jersey code requirements, contact RECCDO, Inc.

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