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Egress Windows and Window Wells in Maryland

REDDCO Inc. offers premium egress windows, egress window wells, accessories, and custom products. We help to keep Maryland residential and commercial buildings safe, attractive, and up to state and international codes.

Egress Windows

Egress windows are emergency exits from buildings required by many state building codes, as well as the International Residential Code (IRC). In order to qualify as an egress window, a window must meet certain dimensions set by the IRC. The minimum size of the clear opening is 20 inches in width by 24 inches in height. The minimum net clear opening is 5.7 square feet, or 5 square feet for ground floor windows. The window sill can be a maximum of 44 inches above the floor, although the target height is 42 inches.

REDDCO Inc. carries many egress windows that meet these dimensions. Some popular product options are as follows:

  • Standard Double Hung Window: Our base model, and a cost-effective option
  • Casement Outswing Window: An ideal option for wide windows and window wells
  • Standard 48” Sliding Basement Window: A sturdy option, ideal for 3 1/4″ jamb depth
  • Egress 48” Sliding Basement Window: Meets Energy Star requirement and comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Single Hung In-swing Window: Dual function with egress hinges, and comes with a 20-year warranty
  • Casement In-swing Window: Smallest window available to meet IRC requirements, and comes with a 20-year warranty

Egress Window Wells

Window wells are installed outside of a basement window to hold back the soil. To qualify as egress window wells, they also must meet IRC requirements. The minimum horizontal projection is 36 inches, the minimum vertical width is 36 inches, and the minimum surface area is 9 square feet. Egress window wells deeper than 44 inches must have a permanently mounted escape ladder, which may encroach into the well up to 6 inches, maximum. The maximum distance between ladder rungs is 18 inches, and rungs must be 12 inches wide or more. They must project 3-6 inches away from the wall.

All of REDDCO Inc.’s egress window wells meet these dimensions. Some popular options include the following:

Custom Egress Windows and Well Covers

In addition to our standard products, REDDCO Inc. also offers custom products, such as the  Egress Window – Compact Single Hung In-swing and the Egress Window – Casement In-Swing. These products are only available through our company, and they are designed with both state requirements and client specifications in mind.

Accessories for Egress Windows and Window Wells

REDDCO Inc.’s line of accessories includes bolt-on and hanging egress well ladders and egress window well cover clip kits. Cover clips secure egress window well covers, which are required by some states and municipalities to prevent snow or leaves from accumulating in the well and avoid any injuries from falling in an unseen window well.

Egress Code Requirements for the State of Maryland

The IRC requires all finished basements and basement bedrooms in all states to have two ways out: the normal basement steps to the first floor and an emergency-egress window or door. These exits offer occupants two ways to escape and allow fully-outfitted firefighters two ways to enter during a fire emergency. The state of Maryland requires all buildings to follow the “Maryland Building Performance Standards,” which follows the IRC.

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