Economy Steel Grate Cover


Economy Steel Grate Covers are constructed of white powder coated steel.

Economy Egress Well GrateThese structural Egress Grates can hold up to 400 pounds, allowing someone to accidently stand on the Grate without falling in. These beautiful Egress Grates are a great way to cover your Egress Economy Well when your Egress Window is installed totally in the Egress Well or partially above of your Egress Well.



Economy Steel Grate Covers are available in seven sizes to fit our 42”, 49”, 55”, 61”, 67”, 73” and 79” wide Economy Egress Wells.

Economy Steel Grate Covers are designed to sit on top of your Egress Well and to be slipped off the Well in the event of an emergency.

NOTE: Snow and rain can fall through a grate style well cover. These 30 pound plus steel Grates may be too heavy for smaller children and some adults to push off the well.

An optional plastic Grate Topper is available for the 49” and 55” wide Grates.