Economy Hinged Egress Covers


Economy Hinged CoverEconomy Hinged Covers are constructed of a two-layered translucent Lexan® polycarbonate plastic with a white powder coated aluminum frame and hinge, allowing the maximum amount of light to enter your Egress Well.

Sloped Economy Hinged Egress Well covers can hold 400 pounds, allowing someone to accidently stand on the cover without falling in or to handle a heavy snow load. These beautiful “Made in the USA” Hinged Egress Covers are a great way to cover your Egress Well when your Egress Window is installed totally in the Egress Well.

Economy Series Egress Well Covers are designed to work with our Economy Egress Wells.

Details & Specs

Economy Hinged Covers are available in eight sizes to fit our 42”, 49”, 55”, 61”, 67”, 73”, and 79” wide Economy Egress Wells.

Economy Hinged Covers are designed to fasten to the foundation wall and hinge open. They are sloped at a 5-degree angle so snow melt and rain will easily run off. Since they hinge open like a child’s toy box it reduces effort to lift the cover during an emergency.

Economy Hinged Covers are supplied with two aluminum prop bars to allow the egress well cover to be propped open 8” for ventilation while still covering the well’s surface area and protecting a child from accidently falling in.

NOTE: Snow must be removed from the top of the cover after each snow storm to assure the cover doesn’t get too heavy to lift in an emergency.

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