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Forest Whitesel

Meet The Founders

REDDCO Inc. , home of Redi-Exit® Fire Egress Systems, is a Pennsylvania Company dedicated to eliminating the thousands of deaths and injuries that occur each year by assuring that everyone has a second way-out when smoke or fire traps family members in their Homes, Apartments and Businesses.

Our President, Forest Whitesel, decided that something must be done to help people in these situations after his neighbor lost her life by being trapped in a house fire. She could not jump from her second story window and her rescue came too late.

Realizing that this was a tragic waste of life, Forest went to work designing and testing the REDI-EXIT® Fire Escape System, the most innovative and unique permanently mounted residential escape system on the market today. With a push of the release knob, a second escape route is instantly available that can easily be used by young and old alike.

Steve Forman

Steve Forman

Forest Whitesel, President of Reddco Inc. home of the Redi-Exit Fire Egress SystemsIn 2003 Forest formed a partnership with Steve Forman and REDDCO Inc was born, a company focused on supplying a wide variety of residential and commercial fire egress systems which give people a second way-out.

In addition to the REDI-EXIT® Fire Escape, REDDCO Inc supplies the REDI-EXIT® Modular Platform, Egress Windows, Basement Egress Window Wells and Window Well Covers, Commercial Steel Fire Doors, Commercial Steel Exterior Doors, Commercial Repair and Replacement Door Hardware, and a wide variety of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms as well as Fire Extinguishers.

Make sure your family and employees have a second way-out. Contact REDDCO Inc. toll free, at 866. 996.1989, today for help with all your Fire Egress needs.